Smutty fan fiction

At my livejournal, y’all.

(untitled – from a Cohen song) – The Eleventh Doctor and River Song engage in some dirty dancing.

No Contest – Amy Pond, Rory Williams and the Eleventh Doctor in an implausibly pornographic tangle.

Siren’s Call – Amy Pond goes swimming in the TARDIS goes swimming in Amy Pond.

The Best Possible Time(line) – Amy Pond, the Eleventh Doctor and the TARDIS start out with a bang.

Wiggle Room – Amy and the Doctor are having an affair. In a cupboard.

Reading You Loud and Clear – Amy and the Doctor are still having an affair. This time from completely different rooms.

And at the Eleven Era Kink Meme, the home of all things anonymous and wrong, oh so very wrong…




It’s Personal

A Cocktail With a Cheesy Name

Gruen Transfer


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