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Ms Prue is fictional for the purposes of real life but real for the purposes of the internet.

Prue’s Guide to Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

or How I Learned to Multiplayer even though I’m Friendless and New to this RPG Shooter Thing Mass Effect is a great game for many reasons, but I especially like that it’s super-accommodating to your play style and skill level. … Continue reading

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Note dated 17/10/11

I am sitting in my little room, thinking of the future. I am sitting in my little room. My workshop. My office. This is probably an achievement already but I am not sensible of it. Or I was, but I … Continue reading

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Prue’s guide to Tasmania

When to go? In summer, the quiet time is just before Christmas. Go to Cradle Mountain and Queenstown and all that before the rest of the crowds start piling in from Boxing Day onward. If you insist on going to … Continue reading

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Where’s the other, nicer future I used to hear so much about?

I feel the need to apologise for the fact that the world still fails on many levels, and I am doing very little to change it. I’m sorry that I am going to write novels under a male pseudonym rather … Continue reading

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National Young Writers’ Festival, 2011

The zine shop in Newcastle seems to have closed. The building that looked like it had been bombed has been knocked down. Hunter Street mall is still a wasteland of clothing too horrible to buy even at $5, but even … Continue reading

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Write like a pro!

Excuse me folks, I’m just typing out loud to make these rules stick in my head. I’ve spent so long in the real world that I wrote an easily-read and  – horror! – honest first draft for a job application. … Continue reading

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Cocktail time

A Certain Tea Brand were running a competition to make recipes using or designed to complement their tea products. One of the categories was for cocktails. I thought – wait a moment, I’ve been drinking that particular flavour tea with … Continue reading

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